About YouTube Views

I find that YouTube is the most fun website out there. And I am not alone. YouTube, which is the largest and most popular video sharing site, is not only the third most visited site on the web, it is also one of the top three search engines (with Google being the leader and Bing/Yahoo currently running a not very strong second). With current technology, it is easy to create a video and post it to YouTube – right from our phones! Of course often these videos are intended for a small, intimate group such as family or friends. But not all videos are created for this reason. Many are made for the purposes of marketing a product or service and some are highly produced (like that of a Super Bowl ad or a Hollywood Movie). Some videos can cost up to $1 million to produce – a far cry from shooting a video on your iPhone and posting it on your YouTube channel (ok, maybe your android phone, Apple and YouTube don’t always play nice together).

No matter a major corporate production or a 30 second snippet of your dog catching a frisbee, the makers of these videos are all looking for the same thing – views! Some go as far as to buy cheap YouTube views

YouTube Views

Well, what other ways do you get views? Make an interesting and engaging video and promote it. Sounds easy eh? Well not exactly. When making a video remember that music always helps in creating engagement and studies have shown that music actually enables viewers have greater retention of the information that is on the video – something to remember if you are attempting to promote something or convey a message. What’s interesting is that industry experts have stated that production value is not as important as one might think. A low-cost video can still engage viewers and become viral.

Part of getting YouTube views for your video is to have a channel that appears popular, so that people will check out the videos that you host there. Popularity on channels is exhibited by the number of subscribers. Yes, again, some people purchase youtube subscribers to boost their numbers. However you get there, it is an important metric and one you want to continue to grow.

In the end, it comes down to making videos that are appealing to the audience. This video has some solid ideas on how to do just that:

Get Those Facebook Likes and Impress

The elephant in the Social Networking world is, obviously, Facebook. This social media platform has over a billion users throughout the world (so much more than the next social platform it isn’t even worth discussing). Even more impressive than the User number is the number of active users – nearly 75% are active and over 50% log into their account at least once a day. Looking deeper, the demographics of the user-base is vast and varied. There is something for everyone on Facebook. All located on one site (well, you could add in acquisitions such as Instagram and the more recent purchase of WhatsApp and make it three, but make sure you grow the User base number accordingly). Of course, no matter where you are located throughout the world or what your interest, business, group, service or school is, everyone wants to be “liked” on their Facebook Page. Some even go as far as to buy likes on Facebook to show that they are indeed liked!

Facebook Likes

To get liked on Facebook you need to decide who you want to market you Fan Page to. There is almost all definable groups of people available on Facebook. Facebook is the largest marketplace to use and Facebook, through its extensive advertising network assists its users on promoting their page to targeted audiences.

Facebook’s current interfaces provide amazing data in real-time on the demographics of Users and can be found with just a few clicks in the advertising area of Facebook. Use the Insights section on your Facebook page to find where fans can be found and other vicinity oriented answers. These Real-time metrics that Facebook provides gives it users the ability to know if their marketing efforts is working effectively to help with demographic based targeting of the Facebook user base.

Use this dynamic information for your marketing strategy and revise as necessary. Be flexible, but Facebook does make it easy. Of course, the goal is to get likes, that is the foundation of all successful Facebook marketing campaigns. You can analize all you want, but unless your page is going to engender likes, all this analysis is useless. So make your page exciting, engaging and highly approachable. Something that visitors will not only like, but share with their friends and colleagues. This will help you grow your likes organically. Having contests and tie-ins to your website is also a very effective way of increasing likes.

Facebook’s is only going to become more popular globally, and its acquisitions will fill in many gaps in its current offerings and grow its presence even more. The reach of Facebook is already unprecidented and will continue to amaze. So knowing how to work the Facebook system to get those all important likes is the key to gaining popularity!

Sometimes we want to get our likes, but don’t want to appear too pushy or like a jerk. This video can really help you market on Facebook without coming off poorly or too aggressive:

Everybody Wants Twitter Followers

At last count, Twitter was sending out 50,000 tweets per minute. An amazing feat for a relatively new company and one that is dependent on such brief messages (no more than 140 characters per Tweet). And who are the receipients of these Tweets? Why the Twitter Followers – that is the people who have elected to follow a particular Twitter account. (Some, dying for popularity, resort to buying Twitter Followers)

twitter followers

Whether it is a celebrity, news outlet, athlete or just friends, people can follow anyone on Twitter and receive all their tweets. And, of particular benefit to the sender of the tweets, these Twitter followers can retweet the tweets they receive to their own followers. This can make a tweet go viral – which does happen from time to time. This very possiblity drives people to buy Twitter Followers cheap to try to get on such a social media rocket ship.

So how do you get followers on Twitter and use this social networking platform to the fullest? Well academic studies have shown that those that tweet too much or just tweet about themselves turn off their followers and they stop retweeting their tweets, stop paying attention, and worse, unfollow the Twitter account holder – the worst thing for sure (there is power in numbers afterall). Regular, but not too frequent tweets and ones that are about a variety of topics that may only be related to the main theme of your Twitter account is the proven way to go in this arena.

In the end, it’s all about marketing (everything comes down to marketing). The best way tokeep those followers on board and engaged is to develop a good Twitter persona using some of the ideas above. This video gives you some good tips on how to market yourself, product, brand or service using Twitter:

In the world of social networks, however, the concept of followers being central to your premise is not just left to Twitter. Indeed, a number of other social media sites use this premise as well to spur activity and promotion. Even Facebook has gotten into the act by having followers for Profile pages (you can’t get likes on a profile page). The most prominent other social platform using followers is Instagram. It is with your followers you share your page and hope that they will like your images. The get the updates into whatever feed they are using and have easy mobile access to your page (you can’t access an Instagram account from a mobile device unless you are a follower of that person or entity, although you can from a fixed device such as a personal computer). As with Twitter, the competition to get followers is high, and it is also an issue of prestige. There are even places on the internet that buying instagram followers is as simple as a few clicks on the mouse (or buttons on your smartphone or tablet). Yes, followers are a part of the new social networking landscape and will be with us for the foreseeable future.